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Gojunoto of Yanaka
Kouda Rohan's Gojunoto is the novel that a carpenter's apprentice build the Five Storeyed Pagoda.
Black market Ameyoko
Ameya bystreet was black market in old days. Anything was sold in the black market.
Only a face Buddha
The colossal Buddha broke by some earthquakes. It became the materials of the warship.
Last Samurai in Ueno
The army corps of Syougi Tai were Guerrilla corps of the Edo shogunate. The 3000 angry samurais.
Witch of Asakusa
A traveler were in trouble as they have no place to stay. A young and beautiful woman came to traveler.
Chimney of Asakusa
There was the thermal power station in Asakusa. The smoke went upward through the high chimney.
Yoshiwara red light district
Oiran mean a high-class prostitute. When The Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. 490 peoples died.
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