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This website https://kozukueichigo.com and ICHIGO KOZUKUE's related content is produced by Pikodon Company. We will operate this content according to the following policy.

Privacy policy

We comply with the law regarding personal information. We handle it properly on our websites and applications.

Acquisition of personal information
We will properly collect personal information when necessary to provide content to users.

Management of personal information
We protect your personal information from Unauthorized access, Lost information, Corruption, Tampering, and Leakage. We maintain a security system. We have a thorough management system.

Purpose of use of personal information
We will send the customer an email to respond to inquiries from the customer. Once we have made the necessary contact we will erase your personal information. We do not give email addresses to others.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
The cases of disclosing the personal information to a third party are as follows.

1. If the user agrees.
2. When the user so desires for the benefit of the user.
3. When disclosure is required by law.

Security measures for personal information
We are studying the latest in handling personal information. We have the technology to protect personal information with the utmost care.

Inquiry of the person
Personal information will be deleted if the customer so desires.

Compliance and review of laws and norms
We operate in Japan. We handle personal information in accordance with Japanese law.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are a technology for recording small pieces of information. Utilize the browsing status of users to make browsing more comfortable. There is no personally identifiable information in the cookies we handle.


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The above contents are subject to change.

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Date of enactment 2021.10.31
Last update 2021.10.31

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