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Ep.1 I am a stalking victim.
In Shinjuku. Ichigo makes arrangements with Mr.Ikeda.
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Search for historic spots of Tokyo
Rocket birthplace
Nakajima airplane develop a rocket. After they dismantled Prince succeeded the technology.
TOKYO Mystery File
Fleshpot Akasaka
Akasaka was a Hanamachi. There were Geisha in this. Manryu was the best beautiful Geisha.
TOKYO Mystery File
Her name is Ichigo Kozukue.
Tekona of Katsushika
She is a character of Manyoshu tanka collection. Why did she commit suicide?
TOKYO Mystery File
Last moments of Kondo
Isami Kondo fought against Ryoma Sakamoto. Is it true?
TOKYO Mystery File
How to
I teach you how to use this website.
Yokota Air Base
Why is this name Yokota base camp? USA didn't know the name of this place in The Pacific War.
TOKYO Mystery File
Temple thrown in
A big earthquake occurred in 1855. Many prostitutes died in Yoshiwara. They threw in their body here.
TOKYO Mystery File
Lucid dreaming
I can Fly.
Tokyo Olympics canceled
This park was the meeting place of the Tokyo Olympics of 1964. Japan canceled oneself the Olympics in 1940.
TOKYO Mystery File
Witch of Asakusa
A traveler were in trouble as they have no place to stay. A young and beautiful woman came to traveler.
TOKYO Mystery File
I met an another me.
Astronomical Observatory
The starlit sky is time travel. The sun is to 8 minutes 20 seconds ago. The jupiter is to 35 minutes ago.
TOKYO Mystery File
Tokyo sarin attack
The sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995. The criminals was Aum Shinrikyo of the religious group.
TOKYO Mystery File
Overeat or Can't Eat.
Office Kozukue
A private detective Ichigo Kozukue's Office.
TOKYO Mystery File
Chimney of Asakusa
There was the thermal power station in Asakusa. The smoke went upward through the high chimney.
TOKYO Mystery File
Show the Game.
Substation riddled with bullets
Hitachi plane factory transformer substation. That building has the precious history.
TOKYO Mystery File
Meiji Shinto Shrine
There are a lot of tall trees. This forest was made for 100 years. There were many rare animals and insects.
TOKYO Mystery File
Nakajima airplane
This company made Japanese fighters in World War II. Did they developed a large bomber Fugaku?
TOKYO Mystery File
Teruhime in Syakujii Castle
The legend about the treasure and princess that dropped in pond.
TOKYO Mystery File
Bunker of Choufu
You can go to Tokyo's islands by airplane from the Chofu airport. It is the propeller planes only.
TOKYO Mystery File
Oden Takahashi
The people said 'The evil woman of the Meiji period.' She executed in 1879.
TOKYO Mystery File
Only a face Buddha
The colossal Buddha broke by some earthquakes. It became the materials of the warship.
TOKYO Mystery File
Fringed orchis
It is an emblem of Setagaya-ku. Princess Tokiwa committed suicide. and, This flower bloomed.
TOKYO Mystery File
Tameike Sannou
Chiyoda-ku hoped for Sannou Station. Minato-ku was Tameike Station. Adopted both opinions.
TOKYO Mystery File
Forest of Musashino
The founder of Hitachi Namihei Odaira said. Do not cut a tree. This is the lost wilderness of Musashi.
TOKYO Mystery File
Spiral well
The Musashino plateau is fragile. It is difficult to make a well. They need to dig the large hole to the clay layer.
TOKYO Mystery File
Tokyo Garbage War
Koto-ku was trash stash from 1655. Tokyo decided to dispose in each area from 1956.
TOKYO Mystery File
Kabuto Shinto shrine
There is the Tokyo Stock Exchange near. This is the god of stock exchange.
TOKYO Mystery File
Kunitachi Station
They defined Kunitachi as the education oriented area in 1952. There is regulation by an area.
TOKYO Mystery File
Black market Ameyoko
Ameya bystreet was black market in old days. Anything was sold in the black market.
TOKYO Mystery File
Dogen of the robbers
Dougen Oowada was Samurai Yoshimori Wada's descendant. Was he a buddhist priest? Or a bandit?
TOKYO Mystery File
Chidorigafuchi Cemetery
This is a cemetery to persons killed in the war. This is the government management. And no religion.
TOKYO Mystery File
Heihachiro TOGO
He played an active part in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. Togo's fleet have defeated the Baltic Fleet.
TOKYO Mystery File
TOKYO Mystery Files
Total 124 locations.
Search for historic spots of Tokyo
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