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Tokyo sarin attack
The sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995. The criminals was Aum Shinrikyo of the religious group.
Western learning
Japan had diplomatic ties with only Netherlands in Edo era. But Netherlands situation was unstable.
Japanese police
National Police Agency is the police of Japan. Metropolitan Police Department is the police of Tokyo.
Building Meiji era
The former main building of Ministry of Justice. This building was not broken by Great Kanto Earthquake.
Chidorigafuchi Cemetery
This is a cemetery to persons killed in the war. This is the government management. And no religion.
Edo-jo Castle
Dokan Ota built Edo-jo Castle. Ieyasu Tokugawa made the castle his place. The Emperor lives here since 1888.
Prime minister assassinated
May 15 in 1932. The Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was murdered from the naval officers.
Yasukuni-jinja Shrine
Yasukuni shrine worships soldiers killed in action. It is the upward of 2460 thousand persons.
Tameike Sannou
Chiyoda-ku hoped for Sannou Station. Minato-ku was Tameike Station. Adopted both opinions.
Tsukudo Shinto Shrine
Somebody covered Masakado's head here. Masakado and Michizane Sugawara are worshiped here.
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