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Mosque Tokyo Camii
Camii means the place where people gather in Arabic. Tartar arrived at Japan across the sea in 1938.
Heihachiro TOGO
He played an active part in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. Togo's fleet have defeated the Baltic Fleet.
Antifire stone
MO-YA-U means help each other. Niijima has a volcano. This is the stone made of magmas formed by cooling.
First flight in Japan
Kumazou Hino was dispatched in Germany. Yoshitoshi Tokugawa was in France. They became a pilot.
Dogen of the robbers
Dougen Oowada was Samurai Yoshimori Wada's descendant. Was he a buddhist priest? Or a bandit?
Faithful dog Hachiko
The dog was not able to understand that a professor died. He went to the station to meet his master.
Love letter street
It is a novel of Fumio Niwa. They wanted to contact an American. But they were not able to speak English.
Lost Shibuya River
The song of Spring brook. The person who wrote the song lived in Yoyogi.
Military coup in Feb 26
Imperial Way faction of the army killed several politicians. And, they occupied the government area.
Meiji Shinto Shrine
There are a lot of tall trees. This forest was made for 100 years. There were many rare animals and insects.
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