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Akasaka Press Center
There is a heliport of U.S. Armed Forces in Aoyama park. There is Press Center beside it.
Foreign Girl Okichi
Townsend Harris is first Japanese American minister. When he got sick, he demanded a nurse from Japan.
Fleshpot Akasaka
Akasaka was a Hanamachi. There were Geisha in this. Manryu was the best beautiful Geisha.
Bloodlessly surrendered
A negotiator came from the Shogunate. The military president Kaisyu Katsu talked with Takamori Saigo.
Fortress Odaiba
Matthew Perry with black big ships came in 1853. Edo Shogunate built eight cannon launching site.
Secret of Tokyo Tower
Japan bought 90 broken tanks from US Armed Forces. They made it materials of Tokyo Tower.
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