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Gokoku-ji Temple
The fifth general Tsunayoshi Tokugawa built this temple for his mother. She succeeded in the world.
Christian House
Japan prohibited Christianity in Edo era. It was the house which tortured Christian to apostatize.
Tokyo Dome
Site area is 46,755 square meters. Tokyo Dome is used as a unit of size in Japan.
Bunkyo Civic Center
It has 28 stories above ground and 4 below. You can see a Bunkyoku view from the observatory.
Soseki Natsume
He was too serious. He was hot-tempered. The relaxation was particularly necessary for him.
Arson girl Oshichi
Saikaku Ihara is a scriptwriter of the Edo era.He wrote the love stories about five women.
Great Fire of Meireki
The horror story of the long-sleeved kimono. Or, The conspiracy theory of the government.
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