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Kanda Myojin
Chiyoda ku Soto Kanda 2-16
  • Here is Kanda Myojin-Shine.
  • The official name is Kanda Shine.
  • The Ujigami of wide area.
  • What is Ujigami?
  • In Shinto religion.
  • They defines patron saint in local area.
  • The patron saint is called Ujigami.
  • Various God is enshrined in the Shinto shrine.
  • Who is Kanda Myojin's god?
  • It has three gods.
  • The first is Daikoku Sama.
  • He made a country.
  • The second is Ebisu Sama.
  • He lets business proper.
  • The third is TAIRA no Masakado.
  • Why TAIRA no Masakado here?
  • This Shinto shrine was built on..
  • Kubizuka of TAIRA no Masakado until 1616.
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa moved it here.
  • Why is it here?
  • Here is a position protecting Edo-jo Castle..
  • from dark force.
  • Masakado resisted the Emperor.
  • He was killed by Hidesato Fujiwara..
  • by the command of the Emperor.
  • Are Masakado and the Emperor enemies?
  • Exactly.
  • In 1874. When the Emperor Meiji goes Kanda Myojin..
  • They pointed out that problem.
  • And, Masakado was excluded from God.
  • When did he come back here?
  • It is in 1984.
  • Let's go to the..
  • Tsukudo Shine where Masakado's head was enshrined.
  • I was tired.
  • Okay, Let's go at our work.