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Fortress Odaiba
Minato-ku Odaiba.
  • This is the Odaiba.
  • What does Odaiba mean?
  • The stand of the cannon.
  • It isn't cute.
  • Where is the cannon?
  • Here.
  • What was it used for?
  • American ships came in 1853.
  • Matthew Perry.
  • Japan closed the country for 260 years.
  • Japan had diplomatic ties with only the Netherlands.
  • What did Mr.Perry do?
  • The United States did whale fishing.
  • They wanted the place that rested a ship.
  • Did they want Japan to open?
  • Japan refused rigidly it.
  • Mr.Perry intended to threaten Japan.
  • He came by black big ships.
  • They were equipped with a cannon.
  • Did they paint a ship in black to threaten Japan?
  • Prevention of corrosion.
  • Edo Shogunate informed him
  • that I could not give the answer immediately.
  • Mr.Perry said that we came one year later.
  • And what became of them?
  • The Edo Shogunate armed itself.
  • They bought ships from the Netherlands.
  • And Prepared the cannon launching site into this neighborhood.
  • A time limit is one year.
  • They wanted to make 12 cannon bases.
  • But they was able to make only eight sites.
  • What did Mr.Perry do?
  • He came again a half year later.
  • It is early for half a year.
  • He withdrew to Yokohama.
  • Cannon base was useful.
  • The Edo Shogunate and the United States began negotiations.
  • The result of negotiations?
  • The treaty between Japan and USA was signed in 1854.
  • Other countries?
  • The U.K., France and Russia demanded negotiations from Japan, too.
  • Japan becomes busy.
  • Okay, I have business in Odaiba.