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History of Sangenchaya
Setagaya ku Taishido.
  • Route 246 is divided into two streets.
  • Tamagawa street and Setagaya street.
  • Here is Sangenchaya.
  • In old days.
  • Tamagawa street was called New Ooyamamichi.
  • How about Setagaya street?
  • Old Ooyamamichi.
  • Or Noborido street.
  • It is Ooyamamichi both.
  • The destination is the same, too.
  • Where does this way go to?
  • Ooyama Afuri Jinjya Shinto Shrine.
  • What Shinto shrine is it?
  • The people prayed for rain there in the Edo period.
  • Where is the Shinto shrine?
  • Isehara city in Kanagawa.
  • That is quite far.
  • The traveler took a break here.
  • Sangenchaya means three teahouses in Japanese.
  • Were there three teahouses?
  • Sure.
  • It remained?
  • Sangenjaya lost all.
  • Why?
  • A military base was built here.
  • It was bombed here in the Pacific War.
  • How did the teahouses go?
  • Around here was destroyed by fire.
  • And what happened?
  • There were many black markets.
  • The peace and order were very bad here.
  • This town is confused.
  • The black market disappeared in 1949.
  • There were many problems with proprietary rights of the land.
  • A lot of celebrities live now.
  • I will meet a person to talk about the job.