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Tokyo Dome
Bunkyo ku Kouraku.
  • Is that an amusement park?
  • This place is the TOKYO DOME CITY.
  • That white building is Tokyo Dome.
  • Tokyo Dome is used as a unit of size in Japan.
  • How large is the Tokyo Dome?
  • 46,755 square meters.
  • In comparison with other places?
  • Tokyo Disneyland is 11 times larger than Tokyo Dome.
  • The Imperial Palace is 25 times larger than Tokyo Dome.
  • The Imperial Palace is 2 times larger than Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Tokyo prison is 5 times larger than Tokyo Dome.
  • How about the park?
  • Hikarigaoka Park is 13 times larger than Tokyo Dome.
  • Airport?
  • Haneda Airport is 310 times larger than Tokyo Dome.
  • Yokota base camp is 157 times larger than Tokyo Dome.
  • What was this place in old days?
  • Tokyo gunner factory from 1871 to 1935.
  • In older days?
  • The Mito Hantei of Koishikawa.
  • What is a Hantei?
  • A Hantei is The clan residence in the Edo period.
  • Koishikawa Koraku-en Garden was a Mito-han Clan residence garden.
  • What is a Clan residence?
  • There were over 200 feudal clans in Japan in the Edo era.
  • The lord of the feudal clan had to live in Edo every one year.
  • They lived in The Clan residence in Edo.
  • That is a bother.
  • The wife of the lord had to live in clan residence in Edo.
  • Is it a hostage?
  • I think so.
  • Did GHQ requisition this place to Japan ?
  • It was returned in six days.
  • Why?
  • Baseball is important entertainment.
  • Okay, I'm going to work now.