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The village sinks
East Yamato city Tama lake.
  • This is the Tama lake.
  • I like a lake.
  • Why?
  • There is a secret in the bottom of a lake.
  • Do you know the lake's true name?
  • Tama lake isn't that?
  • The name is Murayama reservoir.
  • Who is Mr.Murayama?
  • It is not a human's name.
  • The place name?
  • In old days. The place name was Murayama volost around here.
  • The east side is East Murayama city.
  • The west side is Musashi Murayama city.
  • And, The center is this lake.
  • Was this lake make from nature?
  • This is artificial.
  • It was made as the source of a river of Tokyo in 1927.
  • What was there before made this pond?
  • There was a village.
  • I think that there is a torii with ghost near a lake.
  • This is not a horror story.
  • The torii is here.
  • Oh my god.
  • The name is Keisyo gate.
  • Is this gate haunted?
  • I don't know.
  • The other side of the gate is Saitama.
  • Why is there only the gate?
  • This is a gate of the temple
  • of the village which there was in the bottom of a lake.
  • This is like a house.
  • You can live in this.
  • Hey, I feel like going home already today.