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Asazuma love story
Kokubunji city Koigakubo.
  • Near Nishi kokubunji station..
  • There is a pond.
  • This pond's name is Pond of the mirror.
  • Why mirror?
  • In old days, Woman saw herself in this pond.
  • I can't see.
  • It is muddy.
  • A woman drowned herself here.
  • Who is she?
  • Asazuma Tayuu.
  • Tayuu?
  • First name?
  • Prostitute.
  • Tayuu is the highest quality prostitute.
  • What was here?
  • There was the Kamakura Kaido Road.
  • A hotel along the road.
  • What was there here?
  • Shigetada Hatakeyama met her regularly.
  • He is a military commander of the Kamakura era.
  • Did he love her?
  • They were attracted each other.
  • Why did she commit suicide?
  • She was told that Shigetada died.
  • That is sad.
  • The information was a lie.
  • Who told a lie?
  • The other man who likes her.
  • What did Shigetada do?
  • He made a temple for her.
  • There says Keisei.
  • What is the Keisei?
  • The prostitute of the Kamakura era was called Keisei.
  • We are going to go our office now.