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Secret of Tokyo Tower
Minato-ku Shiba park.
  • The height of Tokyo Tower is 333m.
  • This was built in 1958.
  • What is this tower?
  • This is broadcasting tower.
  • This neighborhood was sites of Zojo-ji Temple.
  • It was a graveyard here.
  • Graveyard?
  • Shocking chill.
  • But.
  • Iron for construction is insufficient.
  • Build it with a tree?
  • It is impossible.
  • When The Korean War in 1950.
  • US Armed Forces sent many tanks to the Korean Peninsula.
  • They didn't know what to do with many broken tanks.
  • They should take it their country.
  • That costs a lot of money.
  • Is it not thrown away?
  • Where do throw it away?
  • The tank is made of iron.
  • Japan wanted iron.
  • Japan bought 90 broken tanks.
  • They made it materials of Tokyo Tower.
  • US Armed Forces bombed Zojo-ji Temple in the Pacific War.
  • And They built Tokyo Tower with the weapon of the US Armed.
  • My speech will end here. Let's begin work.