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Bone of the deer
Edogawa-ku Shishibone 4-9
  • Have you gone to Nara Park?
  • We went on a school trip.
  • I saw many deer there.
  • Those deer are Kasuga Taisha Shrine's messenger of God.
  • What does messenger of God mean?
  • Angel?
  • Kasuga Taisha is enshrine Oga, Kashima.
  • Oga, Kashima came with many deers.
  • Where was Oga, Kashima from?
  • From Kashima-jingu Shrine in Ibaraki.
  • It's too far.
  • How did they go?
  • Walking.
  • How long?
  • One year.
  • They stopped at Edogawa-ku.
  • They buried a dead deer here.
  • There is a deer in the place name.
  • Where did they bury deer in?
  • I found a Kashima Shinto shrine.
  • This is the place?
  • It is written that five families built it.
  • It was the name called Five Shinto shrines in old days.
  • Nothing to do with the deer?
  • There is the stone of the deer.
  • I think that It doesn't matter to deer.
  • Why do you think so?
  • Nagakatsu Ishii who built this Shinto shrine is..
  • a Samurai of the Kamakura era.
  • He became a Buddhist priest.
  • He was in Kamakura in 1253.
  • So what?
  • Kasuga Taisha Shrine built in 767.
  • There is contradiction in this assumption.
  • Where did they bury deer?
  • Here says Shishimizuka.
  • Where is Shishimizuka?
  • There is Shishimizuka Shrine near.
  • It is narrow place.
  • Stone says The birthplace.
  • It is here to have buried a deer.
  • May be.
  • The history is difficult.
  • I am confused.
  • Okay, Let's go at our work.