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Kameidoten-jinja Shrine
Koto-ku Kameido 3-6
  • This is Kameido in Koto-ku.
  • Will we go to the Kameidoten-jinja Shrine?
  • What enshrined in this Shinto shrine?
  • Tortoise?
  • God of the tortoise?
  • No.
  • God of the Michizane Sugawara.
  • He is the god of learning.
  • Many Tortoises.
  • Do Michizane Sugawara like tortoises?
  • That is wrong.
  • Tortoises has nothing to do with the matter.
  • Look. Bull is here.
  • Why is it bull?
  • Michizane was born in the Year of the Ox.
  • What Ox?
  • Ox is bull in Zodiac Animal.
  • Only as for it?
  • Michizane died in 903.
  • They set up a tombstone on the place that..
  • a bull which carried his corpse stopped.
  • Is that here?
  • No.
  • The place is Dazaifu Tenman-gu Shrine.
  • Where is it?
  • Fukuoka of Kyushu.
  • Dazaifu Tenman-gu is the chief this shrine.
  • Was he born in Kyushu?
  • He was from Nara.
  • Why was he in Kyushu?
  • He was very smart.
  • The politician disliked him.
  • He has been relegated to a post in Kyushu.
  • I see.
  • He was frustrated very much.
  • He cursed it after he died.
  • Where is the Shinto shrine quieting his anger?
  • Tsukudo Shinto Shrine.
  • Why are there tortoises so much?
  • Everybody abandon a pet to here.
  • And, overgrown with tortoises.
  • Let's go at our work.