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Oota-ku North Minemachi 37
  • Here is Mt.Ontake.
  • Is that a mountain?
  • The height is 3,000m.
  • I can't see the high mountain.
  • Mt.Ontake is in Nagano.
  • You're kidding.
  • It is not a joke.
  • Watch the name of the station.
  • Is it connected with Mt.Ontake in Nagano?
  • Yes.
  • This is the Ontake Shrine.
  • When you pray at here three times..
  • It is the same as going to Nagano.
  • Did Mt.Ontake erupt?
  • I saw it in TV news.
  • The people thought that it is an extinct volcano.
  • But, The volcano has erupted in 1979.
  • Can they not predict it?
  • That was unexpected.
  • The volcano has erupted in 2014 too.
  • Many lives were lost.
  • That's something like a movie.
  • There are a volcano and an earthquake in Japan.
  • There is a worship of nature in Japan.
  • Is the mountain God, too?
  • Correct.
  • People have faith in Mt.Ontake.
  • Therefore is there a Shinto shrine?
  • Let's go to the east side of Tokyo.
  • Do you know the legend of Adachi-ku?
  • I know a thing or two.
  • Do you want to hear Princess Adachi?
  • Is the story complicated?
  • Very complex.
  • Let's do that next time.
  • Okay, Let's go at our work.