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Hikarigaoka Park
Nerima ku Hikarigaoka 4-1
  • This is the Hikarigaoka park.
  • It is the good name.
  • Hikarigaoka means shining hill.
  • A naming sense is progressive.
  • Did they decide this place name recently?
  • In 1969.
  • What was here before park?
  • Narimasu airport.
  • What?
  • Narimasu is in Itabashi-ku.
  • Here is Nerima-ku.
  • Nerima-ku became independent from Itabashi-ku in 1947.
  • Why is it the name Narimasu?
  • A pioneer of here is Dr. Narimasu Tanakasakyo.
  • Where did the airport go to?
  • This was the base for the Imperial Japanese Army.
  • They built it in 1942.
  • It is just before the end of the war (1945).
  • Why did they built that?
  • Doolittle Raid from USA.
  • The interception to the US Armed Forces.
  • I see.
  • After the end of the war,
  • It became the US Armed Forces territory.
  • Is it USA to have named here Hikarigaoka?
  • No.
  • They called here Grant Heights.
  • When did the name change?
  • In 1969.
  • It was decided that here was returned to Japan.
  • Wow.
  • Hey, Let's go to Mt. Ontakesan.
  • Where is that?
  • It is in Nagano Prefecture.
  • It is in Tokyo too.
  • Did you watch such a mountain?
  • I saw it. Let's go.
  • I don't give a shit.
  • Okay, Let's go at our work.