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Isami Kondo cemetery
Kitaku Takinogawa 7-8
  • Execution site of the Edo era.
  • North is Execution site Kozukahara.
  • South is Execution site Suzugamori.
  • West is Execution site Oowada.
  • And Execution site Itabashi.
  • But, There is no information of site Itabashi.
  • Who executed it?
  • Isami Kondo of Shinsengumi.
  • Famous person.
  • Is there a monument?
  • Here.
  • Isami Kondo cemetery.
  • Is it execution site Itabashi here?
  • No.
  • Shinpachi Nagakura of Shinsengumi made here.
  • This is the monument of Shinsengumi.
  • What is Shinsengumi?
  • They were watchman of Edo Shogunate.
  • But, they were not a government organization.
  • What happened to them?
  • They fought against new government troop.
  • And lost.
  • Isami Kondo was arrested.
  • He was murdered.
  • Harakiri?
  • He was punished by decapitation.
  • in Disposal site of the horse.
  • What a cruel treatment.
  • I talk about the detailed thing next.