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Kabuto Shinto shrine
Chuo ku Nihonbashi Kabutocho1-12
  • Kabutocho in Nihonbashi.
  • Kabuto mean helmet in English.
  • Why is name Kabuto(helmet)?
  • The origin is Kabuto Shinto shrine.
  • I've been here before.
  • Why did you come?
  • This is the god of stock exchange.
  • There is the Tokyo Stock Exchange near.
  • This was built in 1878.
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange manages Kabuto Shinto shrine.
  • Why did it become this name?
  • There was Armor Shinto shrine and Helmet rock.
  • The rock which Yoshiie Minamotono prayed for the victory..
  • in 1050.
  • It is this.
  • The name is Helmet rock.
  • It is a battered.
  • It is the rock more than 1,000 years ago.
  • Fishermen worshiped this in olden days.
  • Tell me about Armor Shinto shrine.
  • Hidesato Fujiwara killed Masakado Taira.
  • When he carried Masakado's head..
  • A helmet fell here.
  • He buried a helmet here.
  • However, he became troublesome.
  • What happened to Hidesato Fujiwara?
  • I talk about it in Yoroi Jinjya in Shinjuku.
  • I'm tired.
  • Okay, Let's go at our work.