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Gojunoto of Yanaka
Taito-ku Yanaka.
  • Do you know Kouda Rohan's Gojunoto?
  • I don't know.
  • This is a novel in 1892.
  • I was not born.
  • How old are you?
  • The story to build Five Storeyed Pagoda to Yanaka.
  • About here?
  • Yes in Yanaka Cemetery.
  • There was Five Storeyed Pagoda.
  • There was?
  • Who built it in the novel?
  • He is Jubei.
  • A carpenter's apprentice.
  • A carpenter's apprentice can't build the high building.
  • He is dull.
  • And, he has not done big work.
  • But he wanted to do only this alone.
  • This is hard work.
  • His boss suggested that they did it together.
  • But he declined it.
  • He is selfish.
  • The boss went to meet a saint.
  • And he said.
  • I am satisfied with his work.
  • A boss is good.
  • The work entrusted Jubee.
  • Where is the Five Storeyed Pagoda?
  • Here.
  • I can't see it.
  • Jubee was not able to work.
  • It is the fiction.
  • Look.
  • It burns.
  • There were persons who committed a double suicide here in 1957.
  • Who is it?
  • A 48 year old man and 21 year old woman.
  • They made immorality.
  • Jubee's work is ruined.
  • He is in fiction.
  • Okay, Now we must go to our work.