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Legend of the Fringed orchis

Setagaya ku okusawa 7-41
  • Do you know this?
  • Flower?
  • Fringed orchis(Habenaria radiata).
  • It is August from July that a flower blooms.
  • So what?
  • It is an emblem of Setagaya-ku.
  • Is it a flower blooming in Setagaya-ku?
  • No, It does not bloom in Setagaya-ku.
  • It is near threatened.
  • The destruction of nature is progressing.
  • It bloomed a lot in old days.
  • Do you know Legend of the Fringed orchis?
  • What kind of story is it?
  • Jyosin Temple.
  • This is the site of the Okusawa Castle.
  • Stronghold of the Setagaya Castle?
  • There was Princess Tokiwa in this castle.
  • Yoriyasu Kira is head of the castle.
  • He loved her.
  • Her name is cute.
  • Princess Tokiwa.
  • However, she was envied.
  • Her bad rumor was spread.
  • What rumor?
  • It is a worthless rumor.
  • The jealousy of the woman is scary.
  • She was ousted.
  • And, She committed suicide.
  • She tied a will to the foot of the white heron and spurted.
  • Yoriyasu Kira shot down a white heron.
  • Her lover.
  • He read her letter.
  • He went to her hastily.
  • But she was dead.
  • From the place where a white heron died..
  • This flower bloomed.
  • The flower is a crisis of the extinction now.
  • I don't like this story.
  • She did not have to die.
  • She must become smarter.
  • What kind of story do you like?
  • Strong samurai story.
  • For example?
  • Let's go to Kabuto Shinto shrine.