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Setagaya ku Gotokuji 2-24
  • This is the Gotoku-ji Temple.
  • You can make a wish to a cat.
  • Cat?
  • Maneki-neko.
  • It mean a welcoming cat.
  • Where is the cat?
  • Here.
  • Wow.
  • When a wish comes true, you can put it here.
  • Too much.
  • Like a plants.
  • Do you know legend of cat?
  • I don't know.
  • In 1630.
  • When Naotaka Ii happened to pass by here...
  • Suddenly rain began to fall.
  • He took cover from the rain under a tree.
  • A cat to beckon appeared.
  • Scary. strange cat.
  • I think so cute.
  • He approached a cat.
  • Lightning struck the tree.
  • It was a narrow escape.
  • The cat helped him.
  • He takes shelter from rain in a temple.
  • Naotaka contributed much money to temple.
  • Here says Naosuke Ii.
  • Naosuke Ii is a descendant of Naotaka Ii.
  • Naosuke Ii was assassinated.
  • Sakuradamon Incident in 1860.
  • Why did they killed him?
  • He ignored the voice of the Imperial Court and the nation.
  • He tied up a trade agreement to USA dogmatically.
  • With that as a cause?
  • His oppression caused repulsion.
  • And the Edo era dies out.
  • The Meiji Restoration happens.
  • Here was a castle in 1426.
  • What is name castle?
  • Setagaya castle.
  • Is there the legend?
  • Stronghold of the Setagaya Castle is Okusawa Castle.
  • Okusawa Castle has Fringed orchis legend.
  • Do you go?
  • No, Let's go at our work.