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Episodes > Ep.2
Somebody without the sound tails me.
  • I am afraid of a stalker.
  • I was surprised.
  • Ichigo did the work of the detective.
  • What are you talking about?
  • Please read the previous episode.
  • I want to ask a job of her.
  • Contact Mr.Ikeda earlier.
  • Why?
  • She is very cautious.
  • Who is Mr.Ikeda?
  • What kind of relations is Ikeda with Ichigo?
  • He was her boss in her former place of work.
  • He taught her work.
  • Why did she quit work?
  • There are complicated circumstances.
  • Let's read the next episode.

Ichigo Kozukue is a private detective. She is called Trauma Ichigo. Bunnies talk about her story.