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Episodes > Ep.1
She say, I am a stalking victim.
  • I have a question.
  • What?
  • Ichigo Kozukue.
  • She is a private detective.
  • Yes.
  • But, She guides Tokyo.
  • When does she detective work?
  • I thought so, too.
  • She has a serious secret.
  • She camouflages.
  • She hides and acts.
  • She hides and investigates it.
  • She hides and meets a person.
  • I found her on Youtube.
  • Is it this?
  • What is this cartoon?
  • Mere animated cartoon.
  • It is a fiction.
  • She works properly.
  • I want to see her work.
  • OK, I'll show that to you.

Ichigo Kozukue is a private detective. She is called Trauma Ichigo. Bunnies talk about her story.