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Episodes > Ep.5
You are a scam artist.
  • He is horrible.
  • What a gross man.
  • He is bad. very bad.
  • I get nauseous.
  • What happened?
  • We talk about the previous episode.
  • You can read from the beginning.
  • Yumeko repressed her anger.
  • I can't stand him.
  • Terrible man.
  • But he is violent.
  • If I anger him, What does he do?
  • I'm afraid of him.
  • There will be an election.
  • I have no interest.
  • All the members participate forcibly.
  • What election is it?
  • We select the owner of the chair.
  • Anybody will do.
  • Only one is selected.
  • I think later.
  • Think more carefully
  • Your attitude is threatening.
  • Drat you.
  • Let's read the next episode.

The chair of a queen bee is the only one in the world. Devil nurses want the chair. They don't hand over the one step either.