Ep.1 I am a stalking victim.
In Shinjuku. Ichigo makes arrangements with Mr.Ikeda.
  • Her name is Reina Kurosawa.
  • She is 24 years old.
  • She say, I am a stalking victim.
  • This is a photograph of her.
  • She is young.
  • You are young, too.
  • She looks young for her age.
  • Like a high school student.
  • We guarded her and kept watch.
  • But, There is not the suspicious person.
  • Is it her persecution complex?
  • She doubts other possibility.
  • What other possibility ?
  • To put it shortly..
  • Ghost.
  • It is not my work.
  • Somebody deceives her.
  • Who is it?
  • She does not tell us.
  • She will like you.
  • Why?
  • Her and you have similar types.
  • I see.
  • Meet her.
  • Okay, I'll talk with her.

Ichigo Kozukue is a private detective. She is called Trauma Ichigo. Mr.Ikeda is Ichigo's previous company's boss. He give detective's jobs to Ichigo.