Ep.1 I am a stalking victim.
In Shinjuku. Ichigo makes arrangements with Mr.Ikeda.
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Prison break of Nakano
Two prisoners escaped. Urgent caution was announced by the whole Tokyo. Where did they run away to?
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Nakano Millionaire
People called the bridge which does not watch a something.
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Her name is Ichigo Kozukue.
Small town of Leprosy
In old days. The people were afraid of leprosy. The lepers could never go out of Tama zenshoen Sanatorium.
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Fleshpot Akasaka
Akasaka was a Hanamachi. There were Geisha in this. Manryu was the best beautiful Geisha.
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How to
I teach you how to use this website.
Rocket birthplace
Nakajima airplane develop a rocket. After they dismantled Prince succeeded the technology.
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Temple thrown in
A big earthquake occurred in 1855. Many prostitutes died in Yoshiwara. They threw in their body here.
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Show the Game.
Town of the hospital
There are a lot of hospitals in Kiyose city. This town is the Mecca of the tuberculosis treatment.
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Oden Takahashi
The people said 'The evil woman of the Meiji period.' She executed in 1879.
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Overeat or Can't Eat.
Military coup in Feb 26
Imperial Way faction of the army killed several politicians. And, they occupied the government area.
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When you pray at Ontake Shrine three times, It is the same as going to Nagano.
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Lucid dreaming
I can Fly.
Heiwajima means 'Peaceful island'. There was a prisoner's camp here.
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Meiji Shinto Shrine
There are a lot of tall trees. This forest was made for 100 years. There were many rare animals and insects.
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I met an another me.
Execution site Kozukahara
Genpaku Sugita translated Taheru Anatomia into Japanese. He performed an autopsy here.
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Shimogawara Line
The passenger line from Kokubunji Station to The Tokyo racetrack station. Branch line to Shimogawara station.
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Bunkyo Civic Center
It has 28 stories above ground and 4 below. You can see a Bunkyoku view from the observatory.
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Brassica campestris origin
Komatsuna was called Kasaina in old days. It is a product of Edogawa-ku in Tokyo.
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Antifire stone
MO-YA-U means help each other. Niijima has a volcano. This is the stone made of magmas formed by cooling.
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Office Kozukue
A private detective Ichigo Kozukue's Office.
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Prime minister assassinated
May 15 in 1932. The Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was murdered from the naval officers.
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Hikarigaoka Park
Here became the US Armed Forces territory in 1945. They called here Grant Heights.
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Sunshine 60 history
239.7 meters above the ground building. There used to be a large prison here.
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Forest of Musashino
The founder of Hitachi Namihei Odaira said. Do not cut a tree. This is the lost wilderness of Musashi.
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First flight in Japan
Kumazou Hino was dispatched in Germany. Yoshitoshi Tokugawa was in France. They became a pilot.
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Fuchu Big antenna
It was the U.S. Air Force communication base station from 1945 to 1986. It is the ruins now.
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Fortress Odaiba
Matthew Perry with black big ships came in 1853. Edo Shogunate built eight cannon launching site.
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Hachioji Castle
The 15000 soldiers which Kagekatsu Uesugi led attacked to here. The castle was destroyed by a night.
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Love letter street
It is a novel of Fumio Niwa. They wanted to contact an American. But they were not able to speak English.
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Yukio Mishima case
He said to the Self-Defense Forces. You should act that the government performs a constitutional amendment.
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The seven wonders of Honjo
There were many scary stories in Japan. They were popular in the Edo era.
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Military town Tachikawa
Tachikawa was a huge military city. There was military base in the north side and a lot of munitions factories.
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