Ep.1 I am a stalking victim.
In Shinjuku. Ichigo makes arrangements with Mr.Ikeda.
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Substation riddled with bullets
Hitachi plane factory transformer substation. That building has the precious history.
TOKYO Mystery File
Toshimaen is Amusement park. Why is it the name called Toshimaen?
TOKYO Mystery File
Her name is Ichigo Kozukue.
Hydrogen Bomb Test
United States started hydrogen bomb test in 1954 in Bikini Atoll. Fishing boats caught in the test.
TOKYO Mystery File
Great Fire of Meireki
The horror story of the long-sleeved kimono. Or, The conspiracy theory of the government.
TOKYO Mystery File
How to
I teach you how to use this website.
Japanese police
National Police Agency is the police of Japan. Metropolitan Police Department is the police of Tokyo.
TOKYO Mystery File
Meidaimae Station
The station in front of Meiji University. It was Matsubara Station before a university was done.
TOKYO Mystery File
Lucid dreaming
I can Fly.
Zenpukuji River overflows
The heat of the city makes a thunder cloud in hot summer. This is the Heat Island Phenomenon.
TOKYO Mystery File
Hikarigaoka Park
Here became the US Armed Forces territory in 1945. They called here Grant Heights.
TOKYO Mystery File
I met an another me.
Love letter street
It is a novel of Fumio Niwa. They wanted to contact an American. But they were not able to speak English.
TOKYO Mystery File
Office Kozukue
A private detective Ichigo Kozukue's Office.
TOKYO Mystery File
Overeat or Can't Eat.
Torii of Haneda Airport
This is Anamoriinari shrine's Torii. Where is the Shinto shrine?
TOKYO Mystery File
Fringed orchis
It is an emblem of Setagaya-ku. Princess Tokiwa committed suicide. and, This flower bloomed.
TOKYO Mystery File
Show the Game.
Secret of Tokyo Tower
Japan bought 90 broken tanks from US Armed Forces. They made it materials of Tokyo Tower.
TOKYO Mystery File
Teruhime in Syakujii Castle
The legend about the treasure and princess that dropped in pond.
TOKYO Mystery File
300 million yen is gone
A threatening letter reached the bank. It was written in I blow up your house when you don't give 3 million yen.
TOKYO Mystery File
First flight in Japan
Kumazou Hino was dispatched in Germany. Yoshitoshi Tokugawa was in France. They became a pilot.
TOKYO Mystery File
Fleshpot Akasaka
Akasaka was a Hanamachi. There were Geisha in this. Manryu was the best beautiful Geisha.
TOKYO Mystery File
Brassica campestris origin
Komatsuna was called Kasaina in old days. It is a product of Edogawa-ku in Tokyo.
TOKYO Mystery File
Bunkyo Civic Center
It has 28 stories above ground and 4 below. You can see a Bunkyoku view from the observatory.
TOKYO Mystery File
Yoroi Shinto shrine
Hidesato Fujiwara killed Masakado Taira. Afterwards He got sick. He buried Masakado's armor here.
TOKYO Mystery File
Witch of Asakusa
A traveler were in trouble as they have no place to stay. A young and beautiful woman came to traveler.
TOKYO Mystery File
Navel of Tokyo
The place of Oomiya Hachimangu Shinto shrine is the center of population in Tokyo.
TOKYO Mystery File
Black market Ameyoko
Ameya bystreet was black market in old days. Anything was sold in the black market.
TOKYO Mystery File
Christian House
Japan prohibited Christianity in Edo era. It was the house which tortured Christian to apostatize.
TOKYO Mystery File
Nippara calcareous cave
This cave is very large. The total extension 1,270 meter and pitch difference 134 meter.
TOKYO Mystery File
Akasaka Press Center
There is a heliport of U.S. Armed Forces in Aoyama park. There is Press Center beside it.
TOKYO Mystery File
Lost Shibuya River
The song of Spring brook. The person who wrote the song lived in Yoyogi.
TOKYO Mystery File
Washington Heights
GHQ demanded that Japan built the house of 20000 U.S. soldiers family. Japan built 827 houses in Yoyogi.
TOKYO Mystery File
The village sinks
Keisyo gate is a gate of the temple of the village which there was in the bottom of a lake.
TOKYO Mystery File
Spy Richard Sorge
He became a secret agent in Soviet Union Red Army. He was arrested and executed in 1944.
TOKYO Mystery File
TOKYO Mystery Files
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