Ep.1 I am a stalking victim.
In Shinjuku. Ichigo makes arrangements with Mr.Ikeda.
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Shinjuku History
What was there before building Metropolitan Government in Shinjuku?
TOKYO Mystery File
Musashi nation's capital
Fuchu city is the provincial capital of Musashi no Kuni. There is The Ookunitama Shinto shrine.
TOKYO Mystery File
Her name is Ichigo Kozukue.
Mitaka Railway case
There was a derailment there in July 15, 1949. An unmanned train started running from the garage.
TOKYO Mystery File
Fuchu Big antenna
It was the U.S. Air Force communication base station from 1945 to 1986. It is the ruins now.
TOKYO Mystery File
How to
I teach you how to use this website.
Hikarigaoka Park
Here became the US Armed Forces territory in 1945. They called here Grant Heights.
TOKYO Mystery File
Substation riddled with bullets
Hitachi plane factory transformer substation. That building has the precious history.
TOKYO Mystery File
Lucid dreaming
I can Fly.
Fortress Odaiba
Matthew Perry with black big ships came in 1853. Edo Shogunate built eight cannon launching site.
TOKYO Mystery File
Toshimaen is Amusement park. Why is it the name called Toshimaen?
TOKYO Mystery File
Overeat or Can't Eat.
Faithful dog Hachiko
The dog was not able to understand that a professor died. He went to the station to meet his master.
TOKYO Mystery File
Spy Morris Moe Berg
He was a American baseball player. He was in this hospital without playing a game in 1934.
TOKYO Mystery File
Show the Game.
Execution site Suzugamori
Crucifixion. burning. Decapitation. Stench of death in entrance of Edo.
TOKYO Mystery File
The couple that Oiwa and Iemon in Tokaido Yotsuyakaidan are good.
TOKYO Mystery File
I met an another me.
Black market Ameyoko
Ameya bystreet was black market in old days. Anything was sold in the black market.
TOKYO Mystery File
Secret of Tokyo Tower
Japan bought 90 broken tanks from US Armed Forces. They made it materials of Tokyo Tower.
TOKYO Mystery File
Yukio Mishima case
He said to the Self-Defense Forces. You should act that the government performs a constitutional amendment.
TOKYO Mystery File
Shimogawara Line
The passenger line from Kokubunji Station to The Tokyo racetrack station. Branch line to Shimogawara station.
TOKYO Mystery File
Bone of the deer
Oga, Kashima went to Nara with many deers from Kashima-jingu Shrine in Ibaraki.
TOKYO Mystery File
Witch of Asakusa
A traveler were in trouble as they have no place to stay. A young and beautiful woman came to traveler.
TOKYO Mystery File
Military coup in Feb 26
Imperial Way faction of the army killed several politicians. And, they occupied the government area.
TOKYO Mystery File
Building Meiji era
The former main building of Ministry of Justice. This building was not broken by Great Kanto Earthquake.
TOKYO Mystery File
Foreign Girl Okichi
Townsend Harris is first Japanese American minister. When he got sick, he demanded a nurse from Japan.
TOKYO Mystery File
Pretty train Tamaden
It is the first train in Setagaya-ku. This streetcar ran on Route 246 from Dougenzaka to Futakotamagawa.
TOKYO Mystery File
Teruhime in Syakujii Castle
The legend about the treasure and princess that dropped in pond.
TOKYO Mystery File
Tokyo sarin attack
The sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995. The criminals was Aum Shinrikyo of the religious group.
TOKYO Mystery File
Lake Okutama
Ogouchi village sank into the bottom of Okutama lake by the construction of the dam.
TOKYO Mystery File
Brassica campestris origin
Komatsuna was called Kasaina in old days. It is a product of Edogawa-ku in Tokyo.
TOKYO Mystery File
Tokyo Olympics canceled
This park was the meeting place of the Tokyo Olympics of 1964. Japan canceled oneself the Olympics in 1940.
TOKYO Mystery File
Tameike Sannou
Chiyoda-ku hoped for Sannou Station. Minato-ku was Tameike Station. Adopted both opinions.
TOKYO Mystery File
Prison break of Nakano
Two prisoners escaped. Urgent caution was announced by the whole Tokyo. Where did they run away to?
TOKYO Mystery File
Saury of Meguro
Meguro Saury Festival is held in autumn. There is not a sea in Meguro. No fish market.
TOKYO Mystery File
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Total 124 locations.
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