Ep.1 I am a stalking victim.
In Shinjuku. Ichigo makes arrangements with Mr.Ikeda.
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Mosque Tokyo Camii
Camii means the place where people gather in Arabic. Tartar arrived at Japan across the sea in 1938.
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Secret of Jindaiji Temple
There is an image of the Jinja Daio. It is the Hidden Buddhist statues. He is God of the water.
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Her name is Ichigo Kozukue.
Heiwajima means 'Peaceful island'. There was a prisoner's camp here.
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Foreign Girl Okichi
Townsend Harris is first Japanese American minister. When he got sick, he demanded a nurse from Japan.
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How to
I teach you how to use this website.
Kachidoki Bridge
A small room on the center of the bridge. The signal does not work. There is two frame of iron.
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Washington Heights
GHQ demanded that Japan built the house of 20000 U.S. soldiers family. Japan built 827 houses in Yoyogi.
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I met an another me.
The Snow Woman
He watched the beautiful woman of white clothes. She murdered an old man for cold breath. She said to him.
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Tekona of Katsushika
She is a character of Manyoshu tanka collection. Why did she commit suicide?
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Show the Game.
Saury of Meguro
Meguro Saury Festival is held in autumn. There is not a sea in Meguro. No fish market.
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Nakajima airplane
This company made Japanese fighters in World War II. Did they developed a large bomber Fugaku?
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Lucid dreaming
I can Fly.
Military town Tachikawa
Tachikawa was a huge military city. There was military base in the north side and a lot of munitions factories.
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Kubizuka of Masakado
He was going to let the Kanto district(East Japan) become independent.
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Overeat or Can't Eat.
Last Samurai in Ueno
The army corps of Syougi Tai were Guerrilla corps of the Edo shogunate. The 3000 angry samurais.
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Soseki Natsume
He was too serious. He was hot-tempered. The relaxation was particularly necessary for him.
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Pretty train Tamaden
It is the first train in Setagaya-ku. This streetcar ran on Route 246 from Dougenzaka to Futakotamagawa.
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Gojunoto of Yanaka
Kouda Rohan's Gojunoto is the novel that a carpenter's apprentice build the Five Storeyed Pagoda.
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Substation riddled with bullets
Hitachi plane factory transformer substation. That building has the precious history.
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Building Meiji era
The former main building of Ministry of Justice. This building was not broken by Great Kanto Earthquake.
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Fleshpot Akasaka
Akasaka was a Hanamachi. There were Geisha in this. Manryu was the best beautiful Geisha.
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Witch of Asakusa
A traveler were in trouble as they have no place to stay. A young and beautiful woman came to traveler.
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Lake Okutama
Ogouchi village sank into the bottom of Okutama lake by the construction of the dam.
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Yasukuni-jinja Shrine
Yasukuni shrine worships soldiers killed in action. It is the upward of 2460 thousand persons.
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Japanese police
National Police Agency is the police of Japan. Metropolitan Police Department is the police of Tokyo.
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Navel of Tokyo
The place of Oomiya Hachimangu Shinto shrine is the center of population in Tokyo.
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Sunshine 60 history
239.7 meters above the ground building. There used to be a large prison here.
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Osamu Dazai
He is a famous writer. He committed suicide with a lover in Tamagawa Josui Water Supply.
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Akasaka Press Center
There is a heliport of U.S. Armed Forces in Aoyama park. There is Press Center beside it.
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Astronomical Observatory
The starlit sky is time travel. The sun is to 8 minutes 20 seconds ago. The jupiter is to 35 minutes ago.
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Shinjuku History
What was there before building Metropolitan Government in Shinjuku?
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Brassica campestris origin
Komatsuna was called Kasaina in old days. It is a product of Edogawa-ku in Tokyo.
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