Ep.1 I am a stalking victim.
In Shinjuku. Ichigo makes arrangements with Mr.Ikeda.
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Prime minister assassinated
May 15 in 1932. The Prime Minister Tsuyoshi Inukai was murdered from the naval officers.
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Shimogawara Line
The passenger line from Kokubunji Station to The Tokyo racetrack station. Branch line to Shimogawara station.
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Her name is Ichigo Kozukue.
Nakano Millionaire
People called the bridge which does not watch a something.
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Christian House
Japan prohibited Christianity in Edo era. It was the house which tortured Christian to apostatize.
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How to
I teach you how to use this website.
Edo-jo Castle
Dokan Ota built Edo-jo Castle. Ieyasu Tokugawa made the castle his place. The Emperor lives here since 1888.
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History of Sangenchaya
Sangenchaya means three teahouses in Japanese. In old days the traveler took a break here.
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Show the Game.
Oden Takahashi
The people said 'The evil woman of the Meiji period.' She executed in 1879.
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Origin of Kichijoji
There is no temple called Kichijoji around here. What does Kichijoji mean?
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I met an another me.
Osamu Dazai
He is a famous writer. He committed suicide with a lover in Tamagawa Josui Water Supply.
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Office Kozukue
A private detective Ichigo Kozukue's Office.
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Overeat or Can't Eat.
The center of Tokyo
Where is the center of Tokyo? It is in Fujimoto, Kokubunji-shi. There is the Fujimoto 90 degrees park.
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Kanda Myojin
This Shinto shrine was built on Kubizuka of TAIRA no Masakado. Ieyasu Tokugawa moved it here.
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Lucid dreaming
I can Fly.
Kunitachi Station
They defined Kunitachi as the education oriented area in 1952. There is regulation by an area.
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Meguro Sky Garden
The urban development was thought from the Edo era. They used London and San Francisco as reference.
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Giant of Daita
Daidara-bocchi is the giant in Japanese mythology. The footprint of the giant is left in Setagaya-ku.
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Forest of Musashino
The founder of Hitachi Namihei Odaira said. Do not cut a tree. This is the lost wilderness of Musashi.
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Prison break of Nakano
Two prisoners escaped. Urgent caution was announced by the whole Tokyo. Where did they run away to?
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Military town Tachikawa
Tachikawa was a huge military city. There was military base in the north side and a lot of munitions factories.
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Shinjuku History
What was there before building Metropolitan Government in Shinjuku?
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Tama Cemetery
The Site area is 1280 thousand square meters. Japanese Imperial Army hid fighters in this cemetery.
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Heihachiro TOGO
He played an active part in the Russo-Japanese War in 1904. Togo's fleet have defeated the Baltic Fleet.
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Antifire stone
MO-YA-U means help each other. Niijima has a volcano. This is the stone made of magmas formed by cooling.
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Plan of Futakotamagawa
Here was made urban development in 2007. It was an amusement park all the time here.
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Chimney of Asakusa
There was the thermal power station in Asakusa. The smoke went upward through the high chimney.
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Yoroi Shinto shrine
Hidesato Fujiwara killed Masakado Taira. Afterwards He got sick. He buried Masakado's armor here.
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Lake Okutama
Ogouchi village sank into the bottom of Okutama lake by the construction of the dam.
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Gokoku-ji Temple
The fifth general Tsunayoshi Tokugawa built this temple for his mother. She succeeded in the world.
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Washington Heights
GHQ demanded that Japan built the house of 20000 U.S. soldiers family. Japan built 827 houses in Yoyogi.
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Bloodlessly surrendered
A negotiator came from the Shogunate. The military president Kaisyu Katsu talked with Takamori Saigo.
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Haneda movable bridge
The Sea Side Expressway was not connected until 1994. Haneda line Expressway was always a traffic.
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Search for historic spots of Tokyo
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